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Selecting a Provider: Quick Tips

If you have medical insurance with mental health coverage, consider selecting a provider that accepts your insurance OR who can give you a superbill (i.e. a type of receipt typically required to submit an out-of-network medical insurance claim) for reimbursement with your insurance company for out-of-network coverage.


If you do not have insurance, DON’T WORRY! All clinicians accept direct payments and many offer what we call “sliding-scale” or “sliding-fee” work. Sliding-scale or sliding-fee work means that clinicians will negotiate their typical rates to meet the needs and financial constraints of a particular client when possible. In some cases, clinicians may be willing and able to provide “pro bono” services (i.e volunteer their time/provide services at no cost). If you think you will need to take advantage of the sliding scale or pro bono option, contact providers below who indicate sliding scale or pro bono availability. 

Available Providers

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